Users can’t login – password issues

This was reported by a user recently:

Some of my team members / users are constantly having trouble logging into our Dooster account, even when they use the Forgot Password function. When they attempt to log in using their user name and password it tells them their password is incorrect. As one of them said ;“When I clicked on “Forgot Password” it goes to page that says Forbidden.”

Solution: all your people have to do is either click on the link they get in their invite email and they get right into their Dooster. (This link is passwordless).

Or they can log in using their user name / password in the email

Check exactly where they are trying to login… perhaps it’s into the main site – – and not your actual account url eg htps://****

What’s probably happened is they’ve gone through the forgotten password process which will reset and e-mail the account password.

Best suggestion is to get the users to log in via the invite link, (you can resend them this invite email from their profile page.

Once they’ve got into their dooster via that link go to their profile page and set their password to something memorable.

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