Working With Clients

Using Dooster With Your Clients

Dooster helps you work better with your clients. It keeps
your tasks, communications, files and more, in a
single silo” online.

Documents and other client materials will be easy to find whenever you need them.

You’ll feel more organized and in control.

There are various ways you can choose to share Dooster
with your clients.

  • If you want your clients to see everything in a project simply
    make them a Project Manager (here’s how). This means they will
    see every task and get alerts eg every time there’s a comment
    or the task goes overdue etc.
  • If you want to restrict your client’s view you could add them
    as a Task Watcher to specific tasks – or give them view / comment
    permissions when you assign them tasks.
  • Multiple Projects for Same Client. What many agencies who use Dooster
    do is to create separate projects. One which the client can see
    and another which is strictly “inhouse”. It’s easy to move tasks
    between the two (here’s how) or to clone tasks and make them appear
    in the other project.
  • Use Project Templates. If you have similar project
    requirements for different clients you can quickly replicate / clone
    new projects from a “Master Project”. (here’s how).

Lawyers or other professionals can use Task Timers and Timesheets
and the Reporting tool with their clients.


TIPS for Using Dooster with Clients:

Use color schemes to help you see different clients in your dashboard views. (More here).

Upload the client’s logo. The logo is specific to each
project so you can have different clients logos in different
projects – while keeping your own or a different logo
on your dashboard. (Here’s how).

If the client has many projects, assign related project names
like this: “Great Client – Logo Design” / “Great Client – Packaging”
and so on. (You can change project names anytime – Here’s

Use Filters to see only these projects in your dashboard view
for example to see all task overdue relating to this client’s projects.


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