What is a Dooster Project ?

A Dooster project is where you group your tasks “under one roof”.

The project is at the top of Dooster’s basic structure – whereby the basic unit, the Task, belongs to a Task List which in turn belongs to a Project.

You can think of a Dooster project as equivalent to

  • a work space (other task managers).
  • a case (for lawyers etc).
  • a campaign (Advertising / PR etc).
  • a context (other task managers).

and so on.

Dooster projects can be “self contained” within a Dooster account in that they have unique user permissions (eg a user can only see tasks in the project(s) they belong to, in the dashboard views). Plus they have their own color coding and so on.

Each project has project specific screens eg calendars, timesheets, people, task lists, plus own “dashboard” ie the overview and so on.

You can use any project to create a template for new projects – so you don’t have to start over every time if you do lots of similar projects.

(Note: You can cross reference tasks across different projects by using tags.)

Read more about Your Dooster projects here

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