Google Contacts

Connecting with your Google Contacts allows you to automatically use your existing list of contacts in Dooster without the need to export them first.

NOTE: Dooster Contacts are not the same as Dooster Team Members. Contacts differ to your Team Members in that you don’t actively collaborate with contacts e.g. they can’t do Team Member activities such as share files or have tasks assigned to them.

Updating is One Way Only

Once linked, Dooster will also make sure to stay up to date with any changes you make to your Google contact list.

Adding a new contact in Google, or even on a Google synced device such as your Android phone, makes it automatically available for you in Dooster.

However any changes you make in your Dooster contacts will NOT reflect in your Google contacts. Changes will only be reflected in Dooster if they are made on the Google side. It’s basically a one way copy.*

Time Delay

Contacts are only synced when you initially activate the feature. After the intial sync your contacts are only synced once every day. This is owing to the large amount of users syncing their data.

Please allow up to several minutes for the initial sync.

How to activate:

1) Go to your “account” then click on the Google Account Settings button

2) Enable Exchange Contacts

3) Click Update button

Mass / Bulk Deleting of Google Contacts

Question: I didn’t want ALL of my google contacts in Dooster! How do I delete them?

Answer: Please see this related discussion that should help you

Any Problems?

Check Google / Dooster Sync Troubleshooting (more info)

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