Types of People – Members vs Sharers

You can use Dooster on your own or in collaboration with others eg to organize teams working on a project together.

People you work with in Dooster will either be your Team Members – typically colleagues / members of staff – or Sharers – who have their own Dooster accounts and with whom you can share projects.

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Sharers always have a* next to their username

For example: John*

Can a Member also be a Sharer?

A member can be invited to share a project in the same account (eg they can share
Project 1 and be a member of project 2)

However in this case you will see two identitys for them. Their original username eg John

and their Sharer ID which will look something like John 8954-7845*

You can continue to treat them as a member in your account eg you can either assign them a task as a member or as a sharer by selecting one of the IDs.

Please note IF they were originally added as a sharer they cannot be “demoted” to being a member – unless you use a different email address.

For example

If Jane is already a member in your account A you can invite her to share a new project. This means Jane now has her own Dooster account B where she can see that shared project.

However she won’t see the tasks assigned to her as a member of your account A, unless Jane logs in as a member of your account.

NB Jane won’t’ see her own account B tasks in Account A.

If Jane was not originally a member of your account and you add her as a sharer, you cannot later add her as a member of your account – unless you can use a different email address for her.

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