People / Status Types / Hierarchy

Dooster has powerful permissions / access levels. These determine how much of a project a user can see.

See a Visual Overview of User Access permissions (click here)

The following lists the different status types, starting with the most important – who can see the most – and descending to the lowest – who can see the least in a Dooster account.

OWNERS – the account owner is the person who created the Dooster account. They can add and remove Co-Owners, Project Managers and see everything across the entire account.

Special powers: Only they can delete the account.

Other names for a Dooster account owner might be “Administrator ” (aka admin / admins) sysops and so on.

CO-OWNER – has the same powers as the owner (except for deleting the account). Co-Owners are useful for larger businesses where there are numerous projects and the owner may wish to delegate control of them.

Special powers: They can add and remove project managers and see everything across the entire account. Read more on Dooster task manager Co-Owners.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Are nominated to be in charge of a particular project

Special powers: Can see everything in a particular project…. They can add people… adjust their permissions… and can see every task and file.

NOTE: someone can be a Project manager in project A and be totally excluded or have lower level permissions (read here) in Project B

SHARERS: A Sharer is someone in a Dooster Account who is sharing one or more projects with another Dooster Account.

They have the same rights as a Project Manager for any project they are sharing.

The benefit of sharing projects with others is that you can have your own projects in your account aswell as projects you are sharing. This means you can see all your stuff on ONE screen. You don’t need to log into other people’s Dooster accounts where you will only see some of the things you have to do.

Read more about Task Manager Sharing / Collaboration here

TEAM MEMBERS – are typically colleagues / members of staff.

Special powers: These depend on their project access / task viewing permission levels for a particular project.

Permission levels for individual members can vary across different projects. This is another powerful feature that differentiates Dooster from other team collaboration tools.

Read more on Team members

TASK WATCHERS: are allowed to monitor a task’s progress. They get copied on any comments and notifications about the task.

NOTE: In order to edit the task, they need to have at least ‘Edit Tasks’ project access permissions or a higher permission level.

Read more about Dooster Task Watchers


This is a generic name for anyone who is using Dooster.

ie anyone of the status types listed above

Special powers: Depends on their project access / task viewing permission levels (read on) for a particular project (These can vary across different projects).


Dooster Contacts are like standard address book contacts that you might have in tools like Outlook etc

Contacts are not part of your Dooster Team – until you invite them to join as a Team Member.

Read more about Dooster contacts

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