More about SHARERS


Sharers are people who have their own Dooster accounts and with whom you agree to “share” specific projects with.

You both see the same project in your own Dooster account. Any change in one account will be reflected in the other instantly.

Both parties cannot see any of the other person’s projects in their respective project lists.

The reason for sharing a project is that an issue arises when you collaborate work with someone who has their own Dooster account. There can be an argument about whose account should be used on the project.

This is because a major advantage of task and project manager tools like Dooster is the ability to see all your stuff in one place ie on one screen. You can see all your upcoming events coming towards you, like a conveyor belt. So you don’t want to have to hop between different accounts / screens to see all yous stuff.

This is why we created sharing

Read more about sharing projects with Dooster here

Note that in your people lists Sharers always have a* next to their username

For example: John*

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