Receipts and Official Invoices

You are emailed a receipt for each monthly Credit Card payment you make.

These are sent from RBS – the card payment processor

If you need a copy you can search your email for phrases such as

*”Transaction Confirmation”

“Please retain for your records”

“FuturePay agreement ID”*

Official Invoices

If you need an official tax invoice we issue these every 3 months – or sooner if you have a deadline eg an audit.

To get your official invoice please send an email to admin [at]

Include the following information:

1) The Dooster account name.

2) Official name and address to be invoiced.

3) Forward the email receipt for each payment that you want to be included in the invoice – to admin [at]


Please note we will build a system where tax invoices are sent automatically. But this is a low priority for now because most clients are happy with the card receipts that are emailed out every month.

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