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Boost Your Effectiveness
  • Dooster-EffectivenessQuickly create tasks and projects - simple or complex
  • Set priorities, dates, reminders
  • Assign to your Team instantly
  • Work from anywhere / laptop or mobile.
Get in Control
  • Dooster-get-in-control Overview of every task in one easy list
  • Quick drill down to full details
  • Never forget anything ever again
  • All your files in one place
  • Strict access controls.
Dominate your Emails


  • Assign priorities and set “reply expected dates”
  • Automated reminders / reduce chasing
  • Instant progress update feature
  • Works with your existing system / pain-free change over
Work Better with Others


  • Turbo charge team effectiveness
  • Snapshot views of individual workloads
  • Performance history - see who's done what
  • Discover your true A B and C players
  • Slash your management time.

More Benefits

Everything You Need

  • A deceptively simple but incredibly powerful tool.
  • Fantastic task and email integration
  • Highly intuitive user interface – a pleasure to use
  • No training Learn to use within minutes
  • Everything you ever needed to get organized
  • Free support – but you probably won’t need it

Get Going Quickly

  • Easy to Get going
  • No software to install
  • No hardware to buy
  • No set up fees
  • Start using immediately
  • No complex contract to worry about – no nasty small print
  • No “switch over” pain…. use it alongside your existing systems


  • No set up fees
  • No expensive technical support / maintenance costs
  • No software to install, no hardware to buy
  • Great value for money. Lower priced than similar applications
  • Get on an even footing with the big companies – who pay thousands to get the same capabilities


  • Get more done, more easily
  • Manage multiple projects – or just organize yourself better
  • Grows with you and your business – Gets as big as you want
  • Work from anywhere you are online
  • Use it with your mobile / cell phone
  • Reduce your need for all those time keeping instruments like calendars, paper timesheets etc.

Low Risk

  • No need for a big change over from your old way of doing things
  • Can use it to enhance your existing systems – you’ll be glad you did
  • If you don’t like it there is no big effort to go back to your old systems
  • You will know exactly what it will cost before you upgrade your package
  • You only pay for what you need – limit any unused excess capacity
  • No tie ins. Cancel any time.

Bank Level Security

  • Much more secure than an average PC
  • Automated daily back ups emailed to anyone you want – unlimited
  • Back ups are excel files – easy to work on and transferable to other systems
  • Export your data within minutes
  • Migration to or from other tools is easy
  • Great data storage option. All your files in one solid place – no more divergent silos of hard-to-find info
  • Your data will be kept safe on the same highly secure and reliable storage servers used by amazon


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...couldn't wish for a better product...
Support is are the low prices

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