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Dooster is an online project management, task collaboration and business admin tool aimed at small and medium sized businesses but also used by departments of major corporations.

It will help you better manage all your todo’s, appointments and emails while keeping important data, like contacts, schedules, emails and documents always close to hand and under one roof.

What is your next step? ...What is each member of your team currently working on? ...Is everyone on course to meet the milestones you have set? ....Dooster answers all of these questions for you – and more.


How Does It Work?

Dooster is very simple to use. No training is required.

Within seconds of signing up you can quickly create tasks, notes and events; then set priority levels, due dates and assign them to people. All with automated reminders.

Your new online tool is also packed with short and simple how-to videos to help you each step of the way. This isn’t like learning new software. Anyone can start using it quickly and easily.


Helps You Run Your Business Efficiently

You can use this great tool in a number of ways – all of them will save you and your business time, effort and ultimately money.

It can be a fantastic aid for simply running your business.

For example: the recurring tasks feature is one of the most powerful on the market and will help you make sure all the basic but important day-to-day, weekly and even yearly tasks – like submitting your tax records and other official requirements – get done on time, every time.


Use it for Your Projects

It’s also a great project management tool. You’ll never get overwhelmed again by having several projects on the go and a score of tasks that you need to ensure are done on time by you or your team.

Using Dooster gives you the edge over your competition. Now you can be in total control. You’ll have all the emails, files and notes for each project quickly to hand.

Plus you will be able to view all your scheduled events, tasks and milestones at the click of a button. You’ll never feel uncertain about exactly what’s happening ever again.


Keep Your Records Safe

It’s also great for storing important information like staff records, (holidays and illness days can be updated in seconds, by email if you like), aswell as business and product data and all types of files.

Everything will be in one place. You’ll save a lot of time and effort spent on finding stuff.

Plus it has the most powerful permissions / access levels on the market.

For example you get to choose who sees what on each project or area of your business, regardless of any other access they might have.

Use it as a CRM Tool

You could also use Dooster as a simple but highly effective customer relationship management tool. Straight out of the box and with no need for programmers or any time consuming setup.

You can quickly enter client important information, create dated notes and set reminders for when you should contact them again.

What’s Different About Dooster?

There are other online organising tools available. We’ve tried most of them. Some are good. But none of them really did everything we needed for managing our own lives and businesses.

There was nothing that handled email really well, or gave enough us enough privacy when sharing projects or files.

We got fed up with hopping around different applications, copying and pasting tasks and notes from one to the other.

So we thought long and hard about what do we really want. That´s how we came up with our own task manager Dooster.net, which we are now happy to share with you.

Dooster’s been carefully designed by highly experienced business people – not coders, who might know how to create great code but have little real-world business experience.

(Software development is usually a relatively simple workflow compared with many business projects. You business probably needs more than that).

Do I have to risk time and effort trying it?

Don’t worry. We’ve been there so we’ve made sure there’s minimal “system switch over” pain and no risky take up – in that you can use it alongside your existing office admin systems.

And if you don’t like it you can easily revert to your old way of doing things. So you can give it a real test drive.

It’s easy to learn and there are no tie ins.

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