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"We tried out many other project managers and chose Dooster..." David Hirsch, Yale University
(See more below about why David prefers Dooster over other task tools)*

Whether you’re a start up... an existing business... or a member of a project team, Dooster will help you get more done. It makes a huge difference to your effectiveness, giving you a fantastic advantage.

SPECIAL NOTE: We will never sell or misuse your data in any way. We offer you a simple transactional model: You pay for the service which we provide. (See our Privacy Policy)

"I looked at 15 similar online collaboration tools and went with Dooster"

Jonathan Morris, (Young President's Organization).

"You have a very good product. Best I've ever used"

Mike Tarantino, (IM Image Marketing).

How Can Dooster Help You?

The Task and Project Manager that Simplifies Your Life. Organizing Work Was Never This Easy.

  • Very Easy to Use

    No download required. Get going in minutes. Minimal staff training – 10 minutes at most.

  • Looks Like Your Own Tool

    Fully Customizable. Use your own logo and colors. Plus embed in your website. Impress clients.

  • Surprisingly Powerful

    Deceptively simple with a great toolset of powerful, optional features available.

  • Manage From Anywhere

    Your work is kept, totally secure, in the cloud. Access it on any device, from anywhere.

Checkout Some of Our Powerful Features…

"Superb. Dooster is the PM app I've been waiting for... I can't
recommend it highly enough".
Keith Corbett - IT Consultant

Create Tasks

Read about Dooster’s task features

Comments and Notes

  • Comments, notes and files can be emailed in
  • No need to login – send from anywhere
  • All comments / replies are centralized in each task.
  • Everything kept in “one silo” for easy reference
  • New comments are emailed out automatically
  • Everyone involved is updated by email
  • Everyone is kept in the loop without extra effort

More details about Task Comments and Alerts

Alerts and Reminders

  • Assigned and involved people get notification emails
  • Everyone is kept up to speed
  • Can opt out of emails – avoid information overload
  • Automated reminders – saves you chasing
  • Alerts contain all task details and any comments – no need to login.
  • Full history, “reasons why” – makes every alert easily understandable

More on Dooster’s Comments, alerts, notifications and emails

Assign and Involve People

  • Quickly add people and assign them a task
  • They never actually have to log in
  • Alerts, comments, changes are all emailed
  • “Involve” people – eg clients can watch progress
  • Add new people and even projects while creating tasks – greatly aids speed and flexibility

Learn more about Dooster’s People and Permissions feature

Google Integration

  • Syncs neatly with your Google apps
  • Syncs perfectly with your Google Calendars and Contacts
  • Link to Google Docs / Drive to specific tasks
  • Create tasks from your Gmail quickly and easily

Learn more about Dooster task manager’s Google apps integration

Task History

  • Accurate history for every action
  • Updated automatically
  • When did it start… how long did it take… etc
  • Useful audit trail of all changes
  • Enables proper review

More about Dooster’s Task History / Audit feature

Overview Screens

  • Everything centralized in one easy view
  • Everyone has their own dashboard – can only see what they are allowed
  • Color code by project
  • Use powerful filters to see what you need
  • Filter by one or several projects
  • One-click drill down to quickly access every task
  • Safe: nothing disappears until it is dealt with

Learn more about Dooster’s Layout and Overiew screens

Task Lists

  • Group any task into a list for better organizing
  • Create a new list at any time – makes it highly flexible
  • Easily move tasks to other lists and projects
  • Move entire lists to other projects
  • Quick editing of list names and other useful options

Learn more about the Task Lists


  • Simple but highly effective milestone setting
  • At a glance progress meters
  • Helps coordinate teams towards achievable goals
  • Can combine multiple task lists into one milestone
  • Red Flags alert you to overdue milestones
  • Milestone specific calendar for comprehensive overviews
  • Easily edit / adjust each milestone

Learn more about our Milestones feature


Gantt Charts

  • Help you manage your time sensitive work
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Highly effective

Find out more about the Gantt feature

People / Permissions

  • Quickly add / remove team members
  • Control who sees what with strict permission levels
  • Permission levels can vary across different projects
  • Easily upgrade / downgrade each users permissions
  • Members feel in the loop / leads to better team morale
  • Photos of each person make it more friendly / human

Read more about Permission / Access levels


Files / Data Storage

  • Get all your files in one central, safe location
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • No more time wasted on searching for files
  • Easy file handling upload / download
  • Powerful permissions / security. Set exactly who can access each file
  • Email files in as attachments,(auto-stored in library)
  • Files can be attached to tasks

More information on Files


People Like You Use Dooster

Whether you’re an over-worked manager in a business… a stressed entrepreneur… or a freelancer, Dooster will help you manage your work. It makes a huge difference to your effectiveness, giving you a fantastic advantage. Typical Dooster users include any individual, business - of any size - or non-profit etc who wants to organize their activities in a better way.

* "Dooster is a great fit for a small team like ours, working on a few large yet complex projects".  David Hirsch, Yale University

"We tried out many other project managers and chose Dooster because we've been especially impressed by:

  • Dooster's ability to organize our project into tasklists with associated milestones
  • The handy File Library which keeps track of all files associated with a project, even files stored externally on Google Drive (other apps / platforms index only files that are uploaded locally)
  • Gannt view of projects, which retains the tasklist structure
  • Customizable Status indicators, as well as a robust Tag library
  • Awesome filtering capacities that help you identify tasks that are overdue, as well as those coming up in the next week; as well as tasks organized by importance, urgency or an assigned team member
  • Notifications to remind you of upcoming targets.

The pricing model is perfect for us as well: while other platforms have a monthly charge per user, Dooster gives us the flexibility to add as many users as we need for a project without incurring additional costs."

David Hirsch, Director, Academic IT Strategy, Center for Teaching and Learning, Yale University

Entrepreneurs & Online Business Leaders Trust Dooster

...couldn't wish for a better product...
Support is are the low prices

Tony Byng, The Company Merchant

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