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Below - How Basecamp and Outlook Compare With Dooster

Task / Notes Basecamp Outlook
Prioritising tasks
Recurring tasks
Task creation through email
Move tasks between projects
Add tasks / notes anywhere
Task history
Create new projects / users while adding tasks
“Involved” third parties can follow tasks


Email Basecamp Outlook
Email participants, clients
Email alerts and reminders Limited
Comments auto-emailed between users Limited


Permissions Basecamp Outlook
Vary user permissions within each project
Varied permissions per user across project
Set permissions for each file
Calendar access permissions


Alerts / Reminders Basecamp Outlook
Automated pre-set reminders
Automated instant “nudge” feature


Files / Data Storage Basecamp Outlook
File storage
Set permissions for each file
Attach files to specific items
Automated daily backups


Overviews Basecamp Outlook
Filters on overviews
Due dates on overviews
Emails / Messages show in overview
User specific dashboards


Calendar Basecamp Outlook
Has calendar
Create / edit events in Calendar
Day, week, month, year views
Calendar access permissions


Projects Basecamp Outlook
Share projects / collaborate
Project templates
Project keyword search
Milestone progress chart

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