Dooster and Email

Dooster features a lot of task / email integration. For example, any action on a task – such as assigning it, requesting a quick update, commenting on a task and so on – involves an email alert being sent to the users email.

Users can respond direct from their email inbox without having to log in (more info).

You can also create tasks directly from your personal email account (read on)

You can fully customize the standard alerts and notifications for your own business (more info) that Dooster sends out.

Plus there is the unique Dmail feature (see here) whereby you can use Dooster as your own email client and turn emails into tasks.

Technical note shows up as the from address on ALL alert emails. We then use the list’s email address as the Reply-To address. This is a fairly graceful way to keep a whole bunch of list addresses out of people’s address books, while still providing the “reply to this email” feature.

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