My account has expired but I am getting the Daily Update alerts

Please note that unless you delete your account (read here) you might continue to get the alerts.


Each Daily Update email has a link at the bottom

“Don’t want to receive these updates any more? Change your alert settings. “

Click on this and you will be prompted to log in and then taken to the account settings page.

(Use the “forgot password” procedure if necessary).

**NOTE: your account settings page appears regardless of whether your account has expired. **

You can opt to turn off the daily updates and/or delete your account there.

Depending on how your browser reacts to the link you might see the “account has expired” page after logging in, BUT you can still click on ‘account settings’ link at the top of the page.

Only the account wonder can delete the account.

If you are **not the account owner**- and you can’t contact them – you can delete the projects where the reminders / alerts are being sent from (the emails will show this). That will stop the emails.

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