Daily Update Email Feature

You can opt to get summary of all your overdue and upcoming tasks emailed to your inbox or phone daily.

Your tasks are divided into distinct easy to read groups

Tasks Assigned TO Me

Tasks Assigned BY Me

Both the above are divided into two sub sections:

Overdue and Upcoming

Controlling your alerts

Go to your “Account settings” screen to turn your alerts on or off. (See the “Configure Alert Settings” section)

Here you can also adjust how you see the tasks in the alert.

For example you can decide the number of tasks you want to see in the email, from the top 5 in each group up to the top 50.

You can also decide how you want the tasks ordered eg by Due Date or Priority and so on.

The alerts show each task’s priority level and its due date. Each task links directly to its location in your dooster account. This allows you to access it and adjust it quickly and easily.

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