Ticket Numbers for Tasks / Issue Tracking

You can give your Dooster tasks Unique Reference Numbers.

This makes some types of projects easier to manage. For example Issue Tracking type projects required for things like software development, design projects, Help / Call Centers or basic customer support / phone messages…

…Any type of work where it’s useful to assign issue, case or call log numbers and help you / your team quickly locate the ticket and add to it – or communicate its status.

Now you can have a simple but highly effective ticket tracking system at a fraction of the cost of other software.

How to Enable Task Ticket Numbers

This is done on a project level basis.

You can find and select the setting in the Project Options screen of each project.

You will see the ticket numbers alongside the tickets in the list views and in the task itself.

Points to note

Each ticket number is generated automatically and will be unique.

You can assign ticket numbers to tasks in an existing project at any time.

When you are editing the task you can click on the ticket number. This shows you the link to the task. Send this link to anyone and it will link them directly to the task eg if they click on this link the task will load in their browser

This is a great way to get people looking at the task in question quickly and easily. It will save you time and help improve communications.

Troubleshooting Ticket Numbers

Problem: Just activated ticketing in a project but the ticket numbers don’t appear when you go back to the task list?

Solution: It can take a few minutes for the ticket numbers to show up in each of the tasks lists in your project. Just be patient and they will show soon.

Problem: I clicked on the ticket link. Dooster opened in my browser but the actual task didn’t load.

Solution: This is because you were linked into a different Dooster account at the time. You need to be logged into the correct Dooster account in order for the ticketed task to open automatically.

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