HelpDesk / Basic Support System / Third Party Ticketing

Your instant support mini ticketing system for customers and third parties

How it Works

Your customers and other third parties can mail issues / questions / applications etc into a Dooster project.

This creates a task in Dooster. Now you can assign this task between
your team members, set priorities and due dates and so on.
(You can pre-set these conditions so that this is all automated (read more)).

  • The customer / third party will get an acknowledgement immediately by email.
  • Your assigned Team Member is also notified by email. They can reply by email.
  • (You can get an email copy aswell).
  • Any replies to the various email notifications are emailed between the customer and your assigned Team Member.
  • They are also stored in the “support task” as threaded comments.

What the HelpDesk Feature Does / Doesn’t Do

What it does:

  • It gives you a neat solution for a basic HelpDesk / support ticketing system.
  • You can have emails to going through to Dooster; The system receives the “task” and notifies the sender with a confirmation email.
  • As one of our users says:

“You can reply, complete etc from within your own email system rather than stop what you’re doing, log into a CMS, go to your support ticket system, find the new ticket, hit reply and finally get to type the message which is what many systems force you to do now”.

What it doesn’t do

The customer wouldn’t be able to log in and see the past history
of the ticket etc. It is all email based. (However not many people ever log in
to “support sites” to review their tickets. It is usually all done via email anyway).

Why it’s useful

Many businesses only need a basic “logging”
system so that other people in the company can easily see activity
without needing to get access to a person’s email account.

As the Dooster user who suggested this feature said:

Support tickets are very much a “job to do” or “task”. When a customer is asking for support via email, someone has to take ownership of the task or pass it to someone else to complete etc which is what Dooster does. It also means that with the sync to Google, if a customer sends a support email in when I’m out of the office it will show on my calendar.

How to Enable Third Party Ticketing / Support

  • Either create a new project or choose an existing project that you wish to use this helpdesk feature on.
  • Open the Project / Open the “Tasks” screen (see the tab at top of any project screen)
  • Open the Task List / Edit feature
  • Tick the option “Enable helpdesk system for this tasklist?”
  • Then note the task list email address and use this address for emails to be sent direct to your “support” task list. (The task list email address is on the far right of each task list header bar).
  • When a support email arrives into your project the sender will get an acknowledgement.
  • You can customize the wording of the acknowledgement email (See Account settings / alerts / customize).
  • The third party will get email notifications of any comments you make on the ticket. (So keep them polite ! )
  • They will also get notice of when you mark the task / ticket as complete.

You can see if a task has a support (third party) user attached to it
by opening the task. (See the task information on the bottom right.
“Support for” will show the person’s name and e-mail).

NOTE: You can easily set up a forwarding address of your own eg to forward support e-mails to the Project ie, to avoid having to give out the actual
Dooster address – which looks something like this

Depending on your email client simply Google for instructions on how to do this – it’s usually very easy. Or if in a larger business ask your systems admin to set it up – which takes them a few minutes (Yes that’s right ONLY minutes).

Troubleshooting helpdesk

Problem: I tested the system. I set up a Helpdesk task list and sent in a test email – as if I was a third party – but didn’t get an email confirmation back.

Answer:  This is because you sent the test from your usual email address – the same one Dooster knows you by.

Dooster assumes you were just sending in a task by email – so it doesn’t treat you like a third-party and reply as if you’re a support customer.

The help desk system ONLY works if the e-mail address that the e-mail originates from does not already exist in Dooster.

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