Task Lists – Basics

Dooster’s basic structure is:

Projects / Task Lists / Tasks

Task Lists help you organize your tasks. Think of them as groups of tasks.

They help you break up your project tasks into more manageable groups.

Where Can I See My Task Lists?

They are listed in the TASKS screen in every project

How Do I Create Task Lists?

You can Create a New Task List at anytime – either on the fly, while creating a new task, or by using the New Task List + link at the top of the TASKS screen.

Every time you create a new project the first Task List created by default is called “To Do”

How do I Clone a Task List

You can do this by cloning a project (see here) that contains the Task List you want to clone.

Now the Task List is in “Project A”. Move the Task List (read on) from Project A to your preferred Project B. You can then delete Project A.

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