PAYMENTS Updating / Changing your credit / debit card

You must ensure your Credit or Debit Card details are always up-to-date so that your account payments can be taken.

Your payments are handled via the highly secure card payment provider WorldPay’s FuturePay system.

(You can read more about your Future Pay system here)

If your card has expired, you should have received an Email from WorldPay with instructions. (TIP: Search for WorldPay and/or RBS in your email inbox).

To update or change your credit / debit card simply amend your “Future Pay” set up in WorldPay.

Here’s how

  • Login at (Use “forgot password”. Or search your email for ” FuturePay” – your login details were emailed to you by WorldPay when your FuturePay agreement was set up. ).
  • Enter your Agreement ID. (To find your Agreement ID check the email confirmation you get every time you make a payment. Search your email for ” FuturePay”).
  • Select the Change Payment Details button at the TOP of the screen.
  • Enter your new card details and submit.

Q: Can you do this for me?

A: Sorry: Changing the credit card setup to pay for your subscription is something only you can do. Please note we do not store your Credit Card numbers. This is for your own security and to prevent us being targeted by criminals. (They wouldn’t be able to penetrate our secure systems. But it’s a pain to be targeted).

Q: My Card keeps getting declined.

A: Assuming your card is up to date and there are no issues with your credit etc… but it continues to be declined, call your card provider / bank and inform them you wish to authorize the charge and that it will be monthly

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