Calendar Display Options

NOTE Calendars will only show tasks that have a due date

To set your preferred calendar display use the buttons on the top right.

Displays options are:

Calendar month: shows the classic start / end of month

Multi week: shows the weeks covering the selected month but in a Monday to Sunday view

Week: focus on selected week only.

Select date range: Allows you to select any period, past or future.

NOTE: Monday is the First day of the week

You can Change this to Sunday; go to your Account Settings (see top right of the screen) / Account / Locale Settings.

Why we make Monday the First day of the week

In Dooster’s calendars and date pickers you will note Monday is set as the first day of the week. (Some, particularly in the USA, prefer Sunday as the first day).

We do this because the International Standards Organisation sets Monday as the first day of the week eg Airline timetables number the days as Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2 and so on.

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