Importing From Other Project Managers

Yes you can import your projects and tasks into Dooster from other project managers.

Step One

First extract your data from the other project managers as a Comma Separated File (CSV)

(Most applications like Microsoft Project allow you to export in this way).

Step Two

Arrange your your data into TWO CSV files as follows


(Your tasks)

Project name
Task List name
Task subject
Task description (can be blank)
Task assigned to (ie username – optional)
Task due date (optional)
Task tags (optional)


(Your members / users)

Users email
User’s first name
User’s last name

To speed things up, please ensure your CSV file is exported as Unicode (UTF-8) using commas as a separator and ensure all **text fields are quoted with ” ** characters.

Step Three

E-mail your CSV Files to us at imports[at]

In the email please tell us which Dooster account name you want to import to What is my account name? (see here)

Importing From Specific Project / Task Manager Tools

Please note that we can create scripts to auto import all your data from project managers if enough people ask us to do it.

Place your vote by telling us what PM tool you are currently using.

Go ahead and tell us which Project Manager tool you want us to create auto imports for


Go ahead and contact us

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