Contacts Overview

Dooster Contacts are people whose email and other details you have just like a standard address book.

Contacts differ to your * People* in that you dont actively collaborate with them e.g. they cant do things like share files or have tasks assigned to them.

(NOTE: You can turn a Contact into a Member of your Dooster Team (see here) at any time – simply use the Invite New Person feature).*

Who can see contacts?

All Team Members can see contacts.


  • Keep all your contact information in one place.
  • Share any changes with your team quickly and easily
  • Access your teams contacts
  • A neat CRM system

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Using Dooster as a CRM system (click here)

How to Use Contacts (see here)

Contact Activities (read on)

Contact Notes (read more)

Tips (more info)

Importing your Contacts (see here)


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