Custom Fields for Contacts

Add your own Custom Fields to your Contacts

For example you might want to track fields such as: spouse name, assistant name and full contact / email, birthday, dietary requirements and so on… Anything you want. The choice is yours.

How to Add your Custom Fields

Open the Contacts Screen and click on the “Add Fields” button

Note only Owners or Co-Owners can create custom fields. However once created other Team members with sufficient permissions can enter relevant data against them for each contact.

How to use Custom Fields

Once you have added a custom field you can quickly enter the relevant information in each contact’s card.

Custom fields are useful to track additional bits of data related to each contact.

Plus they can be exported to a spreadsheet.

For example if you are holding an event you can create a spreadsheet, sort by the dietary requirements and send this to the caterers.

Things to Note

Only three fields will show in the contact card (ie the small version that appears in the list of contacts). You decide which ones display there (see the “Add Fields” screen).

(We limited the number of additional fields you can display on there to 3 because otherwise the card becomes too big. However ALL of the additional fields can still be accessed and set once the card is clicked on).

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