How to Create a Task

There are two main ways you can create tasks

1) Using the “Add a Task” feature at the right of each screen.

2) Or by using the “Add Task” function – which is on the far right of each Task List header bar

Either of these will bring up the “Create New Task” dialog box.

Creating a Task – Details

Adding Text

You can write into the subject line (See 1) OR the text dialog box (See 2) – into which you can type in – or paste – as much text as you like.

Assigning to Projects and People

You nominate the project and task list you want the task to belong to. (See 3)

Assign the task to someone (See 4). This means they get an email notification plus an automated reminder if the task goes overdue – you can add a new person to the project as you create the task.

You can also make people “Task Watchers”. This means they can see its progress. They get copied on any comments and notifications about the task. See more about Task Watchers


Set a priority level (See 5).

*You can read more about task priority levels – here

Setting Start and Due Dates

Give it a Start Date and / or a Due date and time (See 6 above).

Read more about Start and Due dates here

Plus “More Options”

There are various useful extra features (see 7)

Read more about these

Note you can set this More Options window to be closed by default in your Account Settings.

Attaching Files

You can attach a file to the task – this is automatically stored in the Project Files section, but also remains attached to the task. (See 8 above)

The assigned and any “Task Watchers” will get a copy of the file in their email notification.

Creating tasks by email

Please note you can also Create tasks by email (read on)

Changing the Size of Tasks

Task are in a modal resizable window.

Use the expand feature at the bottom right of the task to make it bigger. – * see below*

Read more about Dooster Tasks

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