Key Features of Mobile

Dooster works on your mobile device.

There’s no need to install any apps or software.

Simply type your account address (more info) into your phone browser and you will automatically get the mobile version of the app.

Or you can go to and sign up for a new account using your mobile.

You get the option to use either the mobile version or the “desktop” version on your mobile device.

Your Mobile Features

What you can do with Dooster on your mobile

  • Create tasks and events
  • Set due dates
  • Set priorities
  • Assign to people
  • Complete tasks
  • Create new projects and assign people on the fly

What you can see

  • Dashboard shows your overdue and upcoming tasks
  • Open and view each task’s details (and edit)
  • View your Calendar


  • Tap to open and edit tasks / events
  • When an event or task is due on that day the day cell is colored. Tap on it to see the list of tasks / Events due on that day
  • Integrate with Google to Get SMS calendar alerts and other cool mobile tools (Easy to set up on your main Dooster account)

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