Please Don’t Use Internet Explorer – Specially not IE7

We have stopped supporting Internet Explorer 7 – IE7

Unfortunately making Dooster’s design work with IE 7 meant compromising significant parts of the layout and introducing far too many hacks into the code. IE 7 just isn’t up to par.

IE7 users should see a pop up explaining this. (If you get this pop up but aren’t using IE7 please see below)

While most other versions of IE should work fine 99% of the time, they might have small issues. The best browsers to use Dooster with are either Firefox or Chrome. Please use these – or Safari, if you’re on a mac – and you will have a much smoother experience on Dooster (and many other online apps).

Download Firefox here

Download Google Chrome here

Why don’t we totally support IE? We’d prefer to focus on delivering the best task manager experience for the maximum number of people – rather than fiddle with all the odd, one-off, browser based problems the various versions of IE throw up.

As soon as IE can deliver a stable experience again we’ll be delighted to give it our 100% support.

If you insist on using IE and experience bugs please give us details of the IE version you are using – and also your computer’s operating system – and we’ll see what we can do.

Meanwhile on behalf of ourselves – and we assume Microsoft would love to join us on this – we issue an unreserved apologies for any frustration caused by using any version of Internet Explorer, on any website, at any time in history.

Here’s an interesting article on Quora How did IE get to be so bad (relative to Chrome, Safari, Firefox)?

I am using IE10 / IE9 / IE8 and dooster gives me an error about using ie7

For example: *I tried to sign up on your website, but it showed that my explorer is ie7 and cannot access it, but in fact , I use ie9, *

Here’s what one of our long suffering coders said about this:

I’ve thoroughly checked this against the list of browsers accessing in the last couple of days and can find no false positives, so I’m confident that the detection mechanism is working. If he’s getting a message reporting that his browser is version 7, this is because it’s identifying itself to us as version 7. It’s most likely been configured to show in IE 7 compatibility mode — see…

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