Completed Tasks Reappear


“Tasks are reappearing in a list after they’ve been marked as completed”.

“I mark as task as complete. But then it shows up again in the list as live / uncompleted”.

Possible Cause 1

Assuming you have synced your Google Apps account and your Dooster… Check your Google Calendar for the task. If the task was created in Google it might be “rogue” and continue syncing over to Dooster until you complete it in Google. But this is very rare.

Possible Cause 2

If you complete a few tasks in quick succession on a slow or erratic connection, some of them may briefly re-appear while it reloads the tasklist.


A manual tasklist refresh will clear this issue.

ie use the refresh icon in the Task List header – or refresh your screen (use keyboard Ctrl + F5)


NOTE: The following is for Historic records – we no longer allow Task Deletion

Did you DELETE (not complete) the Task

If you are syncing with Google please be aware that every time you DELETE (not complete) a task in Dooster but not on Google, if it is a task that was created on Google, at the next sync Dooster will assume they are new tasks since it no longer has a copy of it’s own. For tasks created in Google you will need to delete them on your Google account to prevent duplicates from appearing.

Please also note that if you are experiencing duplicate tasks appearing in your account from your Google events, your timezone settings may be out of sync (link to the appropriate area on the KB that already says this)

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