Cannot see a Task

I am a TEAM MEMBER who cannot see a task

It’s probably a Permissions issue

Team Members cannot see a task specifically assigned to other people.

Those tasks would be hidden from their view unless they have sufficient Project Permissions. (Your Team Members only see what you want them to see – you set them viewing permission levels (see here)

Generally a Team member can only see tasks that are assigned to them, or are assigned to “anyone” on the project, or that they are “watching”

Only a Project Manager can see everything in the project.

I am an OWNER who cannot see a task

Make sure you are looking at the correct Dooster account

ie where you are the account owner or at least a project manager – and not at an account where you are only a Team Member with no tasks in those projects (ie the projects would be invisible to you).

Read more about Dooster online project manager access permissions for people here


Make sure the tasks are not in a task list which you have opted not to show on the calendar.

Read more about hiding tasks on your calendar (read on)

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