Can’t log in / sign in

If the issue is that you aren’t sure of how to login

The quickest solution is to go to

Use the login at the top right of the screen

Enter your email address and you will be taken to your account name login screen

NOTE: Your email is Unique to ONE account. You cannot use the same email as an owner for different Dooster accounts (read more). Please avoid trying to log into the wrong account with the “right” email – or vice versa.

Use the login steps described above to find exactly which account Dooster thinks is related to your email.

If you don’t know your password simply use the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen

Please note: both usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

A good idea is to search for your original sign up confirmation email. This
has the details you need ( search for Dooster + welcome )

If you don’t know which email address you used when signing up for Dooster:

Simply search your inbox for the Welcome email we would have sent you. ie Use your email search to locate it

For Example:

You can search for the email address we sent it from

Or search for any of these words we use in the welcome email

  • x x x x x –

Dear [Your Name]

Thank you for trying out Dooster

Congratulations. You have just taken the first step to a more organized life.

To activate your account, please click this link

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