Alerts and Notifications – Not Receiving:

If you are not getting alerts and notifications

1) Check the Configure Alert Settings section in your Account settings.

Make sure the relevant alerts not being blocked

2) If you are an Owner or Co-Owner check that the Project Options settings for “Alert Opt Out“ Is not the cause.

This is auto set / defaulted to prevent all alerts from the project going to Owner / Co-Owners. This means they won’t get notifications of all tasks and comments – which the PM would get.

3) Make sure that

(a) Owner opt out (see Project Options)

(b) Project permissions settings (in Project / “Your Team”)

are set as you expect ie not blocking you from seeing / getting alerts about the tasks.

4) If a Team Member / normal user is having the problem, note that you have to log in as them to change their alert / notification  settings.

An easy way to find their log in is to use the “Resend Activation Link” in their User Profile


5) Everybody: Check your Spam

Check your spam folders. Are your alert emails being treated as spam?

Like any web app over-enthusiastic spam filters can block the alerts and notifications emails we send out.

Make sure to add to your whitelist


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