Making Dooster Part of Your Own Website

How to make Dooster look like it’s your own in-house tool.

What it is: Embed Dooster on your website to make it seem like it’s your own in-house tool.

Why: Great for clients… issue tracking… staff communications and more.

How: It’s easy to set up. You simply add a short line of code to your website (details below). Then you simply give your team or clients a link to a webpage on your website – like you would to any other page on your site – where they can login using their Dooster username / password (see “question” below).

Plus: Add your own color branding and logo and – with only your own web address showing – it will really seem like it’s part of your own website.


Help for Business Owners: Embedding Dooster into your Own Website

Here’s how you can get your own task tool / productivity manager looking like it’s part of your own website.

It’s easy

This is a very simple job that would take you or a webmaster a matter of minutes to do. it’s as easy as embeding a YouTube video onto another website.

  • Tip: Upload your own Account Logo and this will show above the login form and on every page
  • Note: You might want to put the Dooster embed on a blank webpage on your site – ie which doesn’t have your usual navigation panels on the side or top in order to avoid these clashing with your Dooster navigation panels.
  • Linking to a blank page should be simple for your webmaster, depending on your site. If it’s a simple website, it’s a simple change.
  • If you’re worried about this just go ahead with the simple embed and see how it looks. It is very easy to undo. It won’t bite!


Question: “I’ve embedded my site but don’t know how to give folks a login or ability to create one”.

Answer: They just login with their normal Dooster username /password – this was emailed to them when you added them to Dooster.

If you want to resend it to them you can get their username /password from their user profile – click on their name in any screen then click “Resend Activation Email”

If for some reason you need to email this to them yourself:  in their user profile click on “edit profile”. You can get their username there and create a new password for them which they can change later.

Your webmaster would need to note the following: You can use the template email below.

If you don’t have a webmaster you can find one in sites like / / and so on.

Webmaster Instructions Template

Copy and paste the following email to your webmaster – edit to suit your needs

Dear Webmaster

I want to embed this web app on my website.

Here is the code:

Business owner: Note1 Copy and paste the embed code – see your Account Settings

Business owner: Note 2 Click the “Activate Embedded Mode” checkbox in the account setting page
This minimizes the mentions of Dooster in the footer section

The website ideally needs to be at least 1280 pixels wide and 600 high – in order for all content to be properly rendered and avoid scroll bars appearing on the embedded app.

So please expand it if necessary.

OPTIONAL: I want the embed to sit in a blank page which does not show our standard side and top panels – to avoid clashing with the embedded app’s own navigation panels

Thank you







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