Connecting your Google Calendar

(Click here to see the full guide to Dooster’s calendars)

Connecting your Google Calendar account with Dooster allows you the convenience of having all of your important deadlines and tasks available for you – each in their own individual calendar.

Each Dooster project becomes a Google calendar . and vice versa

For example; anything you change in a Dooster project will be automatically updated on your related Google calendar.

It works both ways; if you add an event to your Google calendar it will become automatically available for you as a task in Dooster.

You can use this feature to harness the power of Google Calendars to share them with other Google users.

How to set up Google / Dooster Calendar Syncing

(This is on by default but in case there’s an issue double check the below).

To link your Dooster tasks to your Google calendar click your “Account settings” link (see the top right hand of the screen).

Then click on the Google Account Settings button located at the top.

Select Exchange Calendars

Then click the “Update” button.

Read more details on Setting up Google Integration with Dooster Project manager (read more)

TIP: Make sure you are allowing your Tasks to display in your calendar or you won’t see them.

(To reduce clutter on your Dooster Calendars you can opt to have certain tasks not appear as calendar events).

Read more about allowing / preventing your Tasks displaying in your calendar here.

Only tasks with Due Dates display on the Dooster and Google Calendars

NOTE Adding a new task / event in Google can take several minutes before it appears in Dooster. Sorry but this is due to Google and out of our control. Please be patient and it will appear eventually. (It might take anything from a couple of minutes up to 15 minutes

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