Adding New People via Google

If you sign up to an account and invite people to join you via Google bear in mind that Google will assume they want to create a new SEPARATE Dooster account.

(Google will see their email – which is different to yours – and not know you want to link the two)

Here’s what to do

If you want them to be part of your own Dooster account ie a Team Member in your account:

a) You can either invite them to join your exisiting account in the usual way – see adding people to your dooster account (click here).

b) or have them create their own Dooster account in Google.

If they create their own Dooster account it means you can share projects in your account with them. (Note: They would be Project Managers of those projects and you can’t reduce this – see more on sharing your projects on Dooster ).

But Don’t Worry !

Even if they don’t sign up via Google they will still be able to sync their Google files, calendars and contacts with Dooster

Any Problems?

Check Google / Dooster Sync Troubleshooting (more info)

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