Google Troubleshooting

The Dooster to Google sync process is a complex feature and whilst we’ve taken the upmost care to get it running smoothly, sometimes things may go wrong.

(Often all that’s required is a simple log out/log in via Google)

Here’s a list of common issues:

Sign In Issues

Problem: “I can’t sign into Dooster with my Gmail address using the Google Sign In feature”

Dooster lets you sign in to using your Google credentials. However please note that at the present time this feature only applies IF you used the Google sign up feature during your initial registration.

If you signed up using the normal Dooster registration process, you cannot use the Google sign in feature yet – even if you registered using your Gmail address.

To log in to Dooster you must simply use the normal login form.

However this only concerns signing in. You can still link your account to Google to sync your Google documents, calendars and contacts. To activate these is easy. See How to set up Google Integration with Dooster Tasks (more info)

My Tasks Added in Google aren’t Sycning

Adding a new task / event in Google can take several minutes before it appears in Dooster. Sorry but this is due to Google and out of our control. Please be patient and it will appear.

Make sure you are allowing your Tasks to display in your Dooster calendar (more info) or you won’t see them in Google either.

Only tasks with Due Dates display on the Dooster and Google Calendars.

If a Dooster project / calendar isn’t syncing with Google, it’s 99% of the time because Dooster has hit a Google imposed daily calendar creation limit. The calendar would likely appear the following day. It can also be an API issue, whereby Google refuse to create the calendar for reasons unknown (although these are rare). If the calendar still fails to show up please send us your account (and username) and we’ll check the logs.

How Can We Tell Dooster to Re-synchronize Project Calendars?

You can’t. Dooster will try to create any unsynced calendars again automatically, roughly every 10 minutes or so.

If a calendar isn’t syncing you need to check the section above re My Tasks Added in Google aren’t Sycning

Cannot see Task on my Dooster +/or Google calendars

Check this:

1) NOTE Calendars will only show tasks that have a due date

Or this

2) Make sure the tasks are not in a task list which you have opted not to show on the calendar.

Read more about hiding tasks on your calendar here

Times of tasks (events in Google) are being changed arbitrarily

This is probably because your Google and Dooster Time zones are not matched

Read more

My Contacts aren’t Syncing

Here’s why:

1) Changes you make in your Dooster contacts will NOT reflect in your Google contacts. Changes will only be reflected in Dooster if they are made on the Google side. It’s basically a one way copy).

This is why you cannot delete a Google contact from Dooster. Deleting the contact will leave it in Google and it will probably re-appear during the next sync as the process does not determine when it was created, only that a copy does not exist.

2) Owing to the large amount of users syncing their data, contacts are only synced at present once every day (and when you initially activate the feature).

Times on my tasks seem to change / Timezone issues

Please see here

Deleting Google Created tasks in Dooster will lead to issues

If you are syncing with Google please be aware that every time you DELETE (not complete) a task in Dooster but not on Google, if it is a task that was created on Google, at the next sync Dooster will assume they are new tasks since it no longer has a copy of it’s own. For tasks created in Google you will need to delete them on your Google account to prevent duplicates from appearing.

Please also note that if you are experiencing duplicate tasks appearing in your account from your Google events, your timezone settings may be out of sync.

Here are some other things which might catch you out

  • If you are having issues with inviting people to join Dooster via Google please check this article on Adding New people via Google (more info)
  • You cannot delete a task in Dooster that was created in Google. Deleted tasks will just be recreated on the next sync, it has to be removed in Google.
  • You cannot move a Google created task to another project using Dooster. Likewise moving a Dooster created task to another calendar in Google will probably create a duplicate or phantom version of the task in Dooster in the corresponding second project.
  • Make sure BOTH your Google and Dooster timezone settings match (more info)
  • If your Dooster projects do not appear as Calendars in Google check this article Dooster projects do not show up on Google as Calendars.
  • A Rogue Task List called “Google Tasks” appears in a  project with scores of tasks – usually one task duplicated over and over. (More info)

Recurring tasks

There can be issues with syncing reoccurring tasks between Google and Dooster.

If you have a recurring task / event in Google only the first instance might show. (However in some instances the next due instance will show on the next sync cycle – which might suit your purposes).

A quick workaround is that if you have a recurring task in Google you need to re-create it in Dooster… and vice versa. It only takes seconds to do this.


How to Bulk Delete Your Unwanted Google Contacts

If you have downloaded your Google contacts and want to delete them from your Dooster, please checkout this discussion thread

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