Important Note: MATCH TIMEZONES on Google and Dooster

Please be careful to ensure that your Google account and Dooster timezone settings match.

If you experience an issue during Google sync whereby the times on your tasks appear to change, it is because your Google account and Dooster timezone settings do not match.

You can change your Dooster timezone settings in your Account Settings. Your Google calendar timezone can be adjusted in the calendar settings on Google.

Please also note that if you are experiencing duplicate tasks appearing in your account from your Google events, your timezone settings may be out of sync.

My Dooster / Google Timezones no longer match

Please note a small percentage of users are affected by a long standing issue whereby times of tasks (events in Google) are being changed arbitrarily. This is a problem on Google’s side. We don’t like to blame others but we’ve proven time and time again that this issue lies with Google, not us. (More details in Note 1 below)

This issue was originally reported as follows:

It appears that the times of tasks (events in Google) are being changed arbitrarily, daily. Yes, it seems like the times will stay as they are all day and evening and when I wake up in the morning, every time is different from the time I left. The times are off by different amounts, but always whole hour increments. One task might be pushed back 4 hours, another 7. Don’t know if any were re-set to any earlier time. Since it happens “daily” I’m guessing there is a sync that occurs on exit/startup of app?

Here’s what we’ve done about it

We’ve added a Calendar Sync Adjustment. This is allows you to manually configure how much time to add to your Google calendar sync to help you overcome timezone related issues where your Dooster tasks are appearing in Google with the wrong times attached.

e.g. if your tasks are showing up an hour behind in Google, choose +1 hour to compensate.

Please note that any changes to this setting may take several hours to fully propogate throughout the system. You can speed this process up by opening and saving the affected tasks in your Dooster account.

Access this in your Dooster Account Settings – in the Google section.

Once the Calendar Sync Adjustment is set that should be it and you shouldn’t have to keep on adjusting it manually.

If this issue affects you and the Calendar Sync Adjustment doesn’t work perfectly please let us know Tell us here

Note 1

The issue is a discrepancy somewhere in the Google system with timezones. We’ve conducted extensive testing on this and have observed that the times we feed the account via the API can be unpredictably adjusted once they’ve reached Google despite the presence of timezone data.

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