• Use the Search Filter to narrow search results
  • To find a item with two or more words – in any order – e.g. John and Mary enter John Mary (i.e. just use spaces)
  • To find a multi-word phrase e.g. time management, use quotes e.g. “time management”
  • To find a tag use the & sign e.g. to find the tag money enter &money
  • To find a ticket number preface it with # e.g. #1234. Note: You can enter the prefix only, OR the full ticket number e.g. #1234-240B (the second part is the project ref)
  • Contacts – at this time search doesn’t cover contacts
  • Files – please note there is a separate search tool for files in the Library screen. (Also note: File search is case sensitive eg searching for Photo will not find the file ” photo XYZ.jpg”


The search feature only works for alphanumeric characters– so characters like ( ).,!?@ _ % etc are not searchable.

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