Here’s a great way to report problems / issues / bugs

Using screencast video services like TinyTake – ie easy to use “make a video of your screen” tools – make it much easier to communicate an idea, suggestion or explain a problem.

It’s a lot more efficient than trying to detail it in writing.

When you report anything to us, you have to make an effort to explain what you mean. However this can often be surprisingly difficult and involve unnecessary back and forth clarification.

Doing a quick, easy screencast video will save you a lot of time effort. Plus you might see how useful it could be for your other work.

Here’s a typical exchange we had about the issue of using a screencast video vs the old way of reporting in writing.

Hi xxx. Thanks for contacting us. Even though you have tried to detail what you want so carefully, to be honest I’m still not 100% clear on what you mean. Can you please do a quick and easy screencast video explainer? For example using tinytake – or a similar “explainer” tool?. This will show us precisely what you want. The whole process to getting an on screen video done takes literally a couple of minutes. Thanks ed

Hi Ed Because I’m the person who is the project manager on these things, it means I, personally, have to create this video. I simply don’t have the time to learn how to create what you’re asking for.

[Goes on to write about 200 words trying to detail what he needs – This leads to yet more requests from us for clarification]


Hi Ed. Okay, here’s a video I just made like you suggested.

A short time later

Great. Thanks for changing that feature for us. Phew, sorry for how long it’s taken to convey this issue to you. Tinytake is a great tool by the way. I’m glad you forced me to do it (kicking and screaming I might add) : )

A few days later

Ed. thanks for making me use Tinytake to get back to you last time. I’m using it quite often with our team and it saves me lots of explaining!

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