Using Dooster to Manage a Team

Dooster is a great way to coordinate your teams to achieve great results.

You will have a better overview and feel more in control – while saving time and effort

  • Quickly add / remove team members within seconds
  • Assign them tasks with due dates and other options
  • The assigned gets an email detailing the task
  • All task comments / replies are centralized in each task.
    Note how your team members never actually have to log in. This is a major advantage. Similar tools require full team adoption to work but this is often an issue.

  • Control who sees what with strict permission levels
  • Permission levels can vary across different projects
  • Easily upgrade / downgrade each users permissions

  • Use the overview screens to see who’s assigned what, what the priorities are etc
  • Filter overviews by one or several projects
  • One-click drill down to quickly access every task
  • Easily move people between different projects
  • Members feel in the loop / leads to better team morale

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