Who are we?

Dooster is a privately funded start up.

We are based in London, UK – but please note that the app is based “in the cloud” and you can use it anywhere in the world on any device connected to the internet.

Dooster is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and gives you 99.9% plus uptime.

AWS is a highly scalable, reliable cloud computing platform. Amazon.com itself uses it.

AWS has achieved ISO 27001 and is a highly secure solution for your data.

For details on AWS’s Security, Certifications, Reports and Independent Attestations please click here

Can you rely on us?

We are often asked questions like:

“Are you in this for the long term? … “How do we know you won’t abandon the project and leave us high and dry”… “Will you sell to less scrupulous owners”… “Will you keep updating Dooster”

Our response is:

To date we have written over half a million lines of code over three plus years.

We are very well funded and are not reliant on Venture Capitalists looking to make a short-term return on their investment.

We have no intention of giving up our leading place in a rapidly expanding market.

Plus we use Dooster ourselves in our various businesses and would be somewhat lost without it.

We are very encouraged by the regular, positive feedback from users – many of whom have looked extensively at other similar tools/apps and decided to use Dooster.

So the answer is: Yes we are in this for the long haul.

Our mission is to make the best possible online task and project manager for small and medium sized businesses. (Though, perhaps surprisingly, some of our customers are very large organisations).

Backups and moving your data away quickly

You can move your data out of Dooster quickly and easily.

Read about Moving my data and Project Backups here

We welcome your suggestions and enquires.

Please note that Dooster has been shaped by user feedback.

You can contact us here (Please use the “private discussion” option if you prefer).

Please let us know what you are looking for in an app like Dooster. What is your main problem(s) with getting organized?

We guarantee you a response.

We will either show you how Dooster can help you or we might even introduce new features to encompass what you need.

Thank you

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