User Profiles

Clicking on your user name or anyone else’s (assuming you have sufficient permissions) takes you to that user profile page which has the following sections:

Profile details – where you can edit the users details / password and so on (by using the edit profile button – * see note below).

Tasks assigned to – This shows every task assigned to this user. You can sort each column by date / priority etc by clicking on the column title.

Project permissions – lists the various permission levels the user has across each project they are involved with

Activity Log* – shows everything that user has done over time

Changing User Profiles

The account owners and Co-Owners. can change almost anything in the user profile – including the password.

However only the user themselves can change their username

To change User Profiles open your “Account settings” screen. Then see the “User settings” section.


You cannot edit a sharer’s profile. Only the sharer can do this themselves.

The edit profile button will not appear in the Profile details section of someone you are sharng a project with.

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