I don’t want my colleagues to know I am using this tool.


I want to create profiles for people involved but I don’t want them to know I am using this tool.
(They’re not used to use this kind of tool and it will take me a lot of time to get them on board).

What I want is to have my own big picture so I am overseeing everything…. but I don’t want to confuse them with a new tool.

When I create people, is it compulsory to attach an email address to the person? it is possible not to do it.
Any suggestions?


Two scenarios here:

1) If you want your colleagues / Team Members to recieve alerts and notifications then you will need to use their genuine email addresses

This does not mean they need to do anything ie have to actively participate. But it means you can send them alerts and reminders.

They will see these alerts and reminders like normal emails. If they reply these arrive in Dooster as comments

It is easier than it sounds

All they have to do is click on the confirm link in their welcome email

2) If you don’t want them to get alerts and reminders then simply set up dummy accounts with their real names and use fake / dummy emails.

Look who's signed up recently

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