The Dooster account owner has total control.

They can add and remove project managers and see everything across the entire account.

If there’s too much to do they can delegate to one or more Co-Owners.

Co-Owners are like a substitute owner.

They have the same permission settings as the owner.

(Other names for a Dooster account Co-Owner – in similar apps –  might be “Administrator ” (aka admin / admins), sysops and so on).

To create a Co-Owner: open up the User Profile (Click on the username in any screen to open up user profile).

Then open “Project Permissions” and on the far right use the “Promote to Co-Owner” button.

Owners and each Co-Owner can opt out of getting alerts for one or more projects. This helps to avoid overload by being notified about what’s happening in every single project. It allows Owners and Co-Owners to supervise different projects more closely.

(You can set these opt outs in the “Options” screen in any project).


1) As with the owner, a Co-Owner’s name will appear in every project’s “Assign to” and “Task Watchers lists”

2) Sharers cannot be Co-Owners.

3) A Co-Owner will see everything in your account ie they are the substitute owner

They will be able to see any project.

If you want to have your own private projects visible on your Dooster a work around is to:

i) Create a new Dooster Account “B”

ii) Share all your “work projects” from your existing account “A” with it. (So you will see all your work projects activity).

iii) Then use account B for any private stuff and don’t share it with Account A…

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