Troubleshooting Sharing

Sharing can be a little confusing until you become familiar with it – which won’t take long.

When looking into sharing please note the following:

Allow a few minutes for the email invitation alerts to arrive – they take slightly longer than standard alerts (eg maybe 30 seconds longer).

If you are testing sharing, make sure you use two different browsers for the two separate accounts.

eg Use Firefox to see what the sharer sees while using Chrome to see what the “inviter” / original project creator sees.

Tip: Check the top left of the screen to see which account you are in

Make sure you are not still logged in under a “wrong” account

As with most cloud apps conflicts will result if you are logged in to Dooster as two different accounts while using the same browser

I cannot Invite a Sharer

First you must enable sharing in your account. To do this please go to your “account settings” (See link at top right of each screen).

Once you’ve done this you will see the “Sharing” option when you invite someone into your Dooster account / to join a project

I shared a project – But they can’t see the project in their account

Go into Project / “My Team” and click on “Resend Invite” for the relevant person.

Removing sharers

Note that the ex-sharers profile will remain in your “Your Team” list (ie the link on the left side navigation).

But it will disappear from the project / “My Team” screen” – and the project they have been removed from will not show in their profile.

** Sharing again – Inviting an ex-sharer back**

If you removed someone from sharing a project and want to invite them back:

Simply invite them to share the project (read how) again.

NOTE: They will not be sent another invitation. They will simply see the project in their list again

Once added as a Sharer a person can only be invited back as a sharer not a Team Member.

This applies unless they were a pre-existing member who was promoted to a sharer.

If you want make them a Team Member use another email address. You can make it forward to their usual email.

If they don’t already have an aletrnative email address simply set up a gmail address (It takes less than a minute to do this and set up forwarding).

If someone has shared their project with you and you want to remove it from your account: Simply delete the shared project. This removes it from your account but preserves it on the other persons account.


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