TIP: Adding a New Member to Many Projects


“When adding a new member to a Dooster account it’s pretty time consuming to have to open each project, then go to project’s “Your Team” screen, then choose the new member from the list of people, then go through 25 projects to do this.”

SOLUTION: It’s quick and easy to add a new member to several projects the following way:

After adding the new member to your Dooster account:

1) Create a task (ie Use the “Add Task” box at the top of any screen)

2) Select the desired project from the Projects drop down list.

3) In the Assign to drop down list use the “Add from another Project” to select the new member.

Then create the new task (just put anything eg “zxc” in the description – you can delete that task later)

The new member is now added to that project

Repeat and rinse

4) Adjust their permissions for each project

When you have added the member to the projects you want, click on their user name to go to their user profile.

Then use the Project Permissions section where you can quickly adjust the relevant checkboxes to set their pemissions for each project.

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