One of my team members cannot get into our project

FIRST: Is their email being treated as spam?

Like any web app over-enthusiastic spam filters can block the alerts and notifications emails we send out.

Please check your spam folders. And made sure to allow to your whitelist

SECOND: Is the Member’s email address correct?

If someone is not getting their alerts, simply double check their email address is right.

A surprising number of these issues are found to be caused by the email address used being wrong.

To check what your Dooster thinks is their email address check the email stored in the members user profile

See how to open a User Profile

THIRD: Use the RESEND INVITE function

Once you have verified that the Dooster alerts aren’t being spam filtered and that the email address is indeed correct:

Send the member a fresh invite

In their User Profile / Profile Details section use the “resend activation email” link

See how to open a User Profile

FOUR: and/or Send yourself their invite email and forward it to them

Use the ‘send to alternative address’ option when clicking the Resend Invite link to send it to an alternate address.

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