Freezes / Stops

If you experience freezes in Dooster:

1) You might simply need to reduce / close the number of open tabs in your browser

If you have too many tabs open on your browser your PC’s system memory can simply become exhausted – which causes the freeze. This will happen to any app you have open but the Dooster tab will probably take the brunt of it because it’s likely to be one of the ones using the most memory – so it’s more likely to appear slow or freeze.

It’s not widely known but each tab in an average browser tends to eat up a considerable amount of memory, even more so with apps like Dooster which retain a lot of data in memory.

(Techs / interested parties- see Note below *)

2) Try using the application without any add ons / extensions installed.

Dooster relies heavily on Javascript and while it is rare some third party browser add ons can cause issues where they interact with the content being displayed.

Please click here for an easy guide to How to disable add-ons/extensions in your browser

Note for techs: Unfortunately there’s very little we can do with that, since by the very nature of Javascript, we can’t actually observe how much memory is still free on a user’s system. Memory management is essentially handled by the operating system itself, the browser requests more when it needs it, and if there’s none left it starts paging to disk, which causes the ‘freeze’.

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