Tasks – Deleting

Please note we removed the ability for anyone to delete a task. (Users requested this because junior Team Members were deleting tasks in error). We’re leaving the instructions below for legacy / reference.

Meanwhile there is a workaround whereby only  Account Owners / Co-owners can delete tasks.

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Move any task you want to delete to that project.
  3. Delete the project and all the tasks within it will be deleted.





[Old] To delete a task:

Open the task

Click Delete – at the bottom right, under More Options

You can also use the checkbox (on the left side of task list view) and choose “Delete” in the “mulitple action” drop down tool.

Notes on Deleting Tasks

  • Only an Owner / Co-Owner or Project Manager can delete a task.
  • Deleting a task will completely remove it from the system. You CANNOT UNDO this action.
  • If you only want to remove a task from a list it’s best to simply mark it as “complete”. It will stay in your Dooster, can be found in searches and can be reopened.


If you are syncing with Google please be aware that every time you DELETE (not complete) a task in Dooster but not on Google, if it is a task that was created on Google, at the next sync Dooster will assume they are new tasks since it no longer has a copy of it’s own. For tasks created in Google you will need to delete them on your Google account to prevent duplicates from appearing.

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