My card payment has been declined

Why has my payment been refused ?

Usually it’s due to the card issuer being wary that the payment request is a fraud. They have to be cautious. (It might be as simple a reason as that it’s an “online” payment… or that we are UK based but charge in US dollars).

But I got a confirmation email !!

Somewhat confusingly the refusal happens after the initial “Futurepay agreement ” is set up – so while you get confirmation that it’s all set up, a few minutes later we actually try to take payment and that’s when your card issuer refuses.

Because of this you are locked out of our system until it’s sorted out.

What can I do?

We suggest one of the following three options

1) Try a different card (easy).

2) Ask your issuer to allow the payment (Below is a draft message you can use).

3) You could pay a year in advance (which gets you a 10% discount).

Please contact us if you’re interested in that. We’ll set up a special payment. It won’t take long.

What happens to my account?

If you already have a live account and your monthly payment fails a set number of times your account is then blocked. You will be prompted to start paying for your account again every time you login.

You won’t lose your projects and tasks: they will stay safe until you re start your payments (though do this within a reasonable time ie within a week or two rather than months – or we might have decided to delete unused account data).

We are very sorry for the inconvenience

Draft Message for your Card Provider

Copy and paste the message below

Dear Sir / Madam

I set up a regular subscription payment for a service called But your system has refused the first payment.

The payments are to Royal Bank of Scotland / RBS Worldpay reference “Moneysorter Ltd T/A DOOSTER. ”

This is to confirm that I want you to allow these payments

Thank you

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