When / How are we Charged? How are the Projects Counted?

How are we charged? Is it for the number of active projects over the month or active projects per year?

You are charged depending on what account level you are currently on at the time your next charge is due.

So at the next billing cycle the system looks at your account level and charges you accordingly.

You are only charged for active projects. Completed / archived / deleted projects do not count.

Please note that if a user has 5 projects but has subscribed to the 16 to 50 project account level you will be charged for the 16 to 50 project account level.

Accordingly if you archive or delete projects you must also lower your account level – if the number of projects you now have takes you to a lower level.

Please note that Archived projects are not counted as part of your projects count. However any data in an archived projects is included in your data storage count. (Please note that cost of data storage is negligible compared with project charges)

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