Troubleshooting Payments

I’ve had a problem with my card

If your payment is declined you will get an email from WorldPay – the payment service we use.

This means you will need to pay again. using either the same or a new card go to your Account Settings / account / pricing plans.

Select same level you were on and click on > pay for this level.

This will take you through the payment process.

If the payment is refused again please try another card.

I am getting extra charges on my payments

Here’s what one of our USA based clients reported a while back:

*I just learned that I am being charged high cash advance fees because you are processing the credit card as a debit card. I discovered that when glancing at my credit card statement. Basically for each $19.97 payment to “Dooster London GB” I am charged $5.50 (per transaction) because your transactions show up as “Standard Advance” as opposed to “Standard Purchase.”

Our response

At our end – Worldpay – it does show as a credit card and we’re only getting the $19.97. Your card provider is levying the extra charge and there is nothing we can do to change this at our end.

Re your>> transactions show up as “Standard Advance” as opposed to “Standard Purchase.”: Your card issuer is responsible for these terms.Worldpay are defintely reporting this as a credit card payment.

Their reply

Hmm, in 12 years I have not seen it happen on that card. My bank said the payments are coded by the merchant as “standard advance”, which means cash or debit, not a purchase. I just talked to them again (CitiBank) a few minutes ago and they said that your charges are coming through as cash advance. How about I give you a different card from a different bank?

And that was the solution.

Conclusion: We only charge you the agreed monthly fee.

Lesson: Some banks misinform their customers and/or blame others for their mistakes / bad practices – it might simply be due to inexperienced staff.

Also see My card payment has been declined (read more)

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